Monday, October 31, 2011

Tutoring Outline

Hey, first years and second years.

I have officially become a tutor for 1st year's Intro to Dimensional Drawing and 2nd year's Visual Development: Layout and Painting.

For the 10 hours of tutoring time, I will be discussing primarily on fundamental knowledge on how to approach a painting and theory that transcends media choice and "secret techniques", as every artist will express themselves in different ways. What is discussed will include concept, composition, colour and lighting theory, perspective, and potentially a lot more depending on what you want to know.

Digital painting will be emphasized as the easiest means to show what I will discuss but unfortunately due to circumstances I do not have a portable graphics tablet with me. If anybody wants to use digital media, feel free to bring a tablet with you. I will be showing my process work and never-before-seen paintings and studies I have done. I will also be open to critique any work you may have that you want to show me. My goal is for everyone to come out with newfound knowledge for painting and I assure nobody is going to be left empty-handed.

Thank you! Feel free to add me on Facebook and check me out at Deviantart as well to see more works!

EDIT: Confusing at some bits. I meant digital painting will be emphasized but if a tablet is not available, I can still teach the fundamentals with traditional media.

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