Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old Lady: One Hour Sketchoholic Piece

Just finished with the Sketchoholic session which challenges artists to do a fresh topic in an hour. Haven't done speed paintings in a long time but this kind of got me started again. Hopefully it wouldn't happen at 2 am again...

It didn't win but it really forced me to think economically and forces artists to avoid long winded thinking processes. Excellent practice. Try it out!


  1. Hey man, nothing wrong with speed paintings at 2 AM! I think you can do some really amazing stuff when your mind is in extreme exhaustion. I took a class at my old university that had one assignment that was based purely on creativity during mental exhaustion...its was fun stuff looking back, although at the time I would have told you differently.

  2. Nice to hear from your perspective. Thanks.

    Mental exhaustion painting/drawing (or even any time-limited situation) is two-edged. On one hand, things flow naturally and it really shows an artist's subconscious mind. On the other hand, it doesn't necessarily improve one's technical skill as, in most cases, the end result tend to be something you've done before. For instance, I do not think this painting is reinventing composition or lighting (hell, just look at the post below this one and see the resemblance!).

    Good to do this once in awhile though.